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When a dream comes true...

Walter's dream always was to build a wheel which can match forged wheels, but yet to sell it for just a fraction of forged wheel price.

You will notice many companies use terms such as forged, flow forged, low pressure, but while the name tag doesn't matter, the quality does. Basically it's strength to wheel weight ratio, the lighter and the stronger wheel - the better for safety, handling, suspension and fuel consumption - reducing the unsprung masses.

Many of the advertized 19 inch forged, flow forged wheels weight from 12 to 14kgs, while Walter wheels have passed TUV Rheinland tests from 675kg up to 725kg and have light weight starting from 10.8 kg, which is an excellent result, not far away from the best of 6061-T6 air space grade forged wheels.

The experts at Walter can rely on over 30 years of experience - in wheel production, and over 20 years in the car business.

The initial motivation to learn more about wheels was after I almost died while driving on a B road. I was driving my new - only a month old - car on narrow steel wheels. All of a sudden, I had to avoid an oncoming car, and went off the road - with a rollover . After the car was repaired I wanted to improve the car's stability, I modified the suspension, but the important thing was still missing - better wheels. I tried but could not find high quality alloy wheels at the affordable price.