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Established in January 2015.

Walter Wheels are being produced in the production plants in which premium brands produce their wheels, so our customers can get premium quality at affordable price.

We don't sell lifestyle, our presence is modest, we don't show supercars at the car show, we work with minimum costs and that is why our wheels are cheaper than other premium brands.

In the beginning we were not happy to see other premium brands steal our ideas and designs, and promote as their own.
That is why in future we plan to have more appearance in social media as well as on tuning shows.

The initial motivation to learn more about wheels was after I almost died while driving on a narrow B road. I was driwing my new - only a month old car on narrow steel wheels. All of a sudden, I had to avoid an oncoming car, and went off the road - with a rollover . After the car was repaired I wanted to improve car's stability. I modified the suspension, but the important thing was still missing - bettter wheels. I tried but could not find high quality wheels at the affordable price. 


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